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Lexington Machining manufactures high-volume metal components that are machined
from metal bars, forgings, and cold-headed blanks. We machine aluminum, brass, steel,
and stainless steel. Our multiple-spindle screw machines and rotary-transfer machines
perform a number of machining steps in one continuous operation, thereby dramatically
reducing machining time and related costs.

Gasoline direct inject components

Gasoline direct
inject components

Stainless steel HVAC components

Stainless steel
HVAC components

Fluid handling banjos and unions

Fluid handling
banjos and unions

Quick connect bodies

Quick connect bodies

Aluminum HVAC blocks

HVAC blocks

Oil cooler connectors

Oil cooler connectors

Transmission components


Sensor bodies

Sensor bodies

Automated Verification

For many components that we manufacture, we design and
build automated verification equipment that mechanically
and/or visually inspects key characteristics of every unit
produced to ensure that our customers receive components
with zero defects.

committed to quality

Automated Mistake-Proofing
on Primary Machines

  • Short part detection
  • Missing thread detection
  • Missing back-work detection
  • Diameter check
  • Broken tool detection
  • Diversion of bar ends
  • Diversion and segregation of defective parts
  • Automatic shut-down for repetitive defects